«Clothing of Turnkey Buildings» : 10 Basis from AMTT for Self-Realization of the Architect

Dear Architects!

AMTT Group thanks you for your active participation in the forum called “Clothing of Turnkey Buildings”: 10 Basis from AMTT for Self-Realization of the Architect, which took place on March 22, 2018, on the platform of the Training Center of AMTT Group.

We have shared our experience in the design, manufacture and installation of various systems with leading architects of Ukraine.

During the event, our specialists spoke about important features in the field of design, production, and installation of facade structures using various modern materials; on the methods and ways of processing glass, metal, sheet and rolled materials used in construction.

Architects asked important and relevant questions in each of the areas, which served as the basis for business dialogue and marked the beginning of fruitful cooperation.

Upon completion of the main part, a fascinating tour of the plant was held, where our guests could see large-scale production, automated lines, and also plunge into the closed production cycle established at the enterprise.

A pleasant end of the event was the performance of FUSION JAZZ cover band.

The main goal of this event is to combine the creative impulse of the architect and the production capabilities of the company implementing the project. We will share our potential, which will become your set of tools for implementing bold solutions in modern architecture and construction.

We will build a comfortable environment for creating unique and promising future projects.