Commercial Property Magazine Has Published an Interview with the Director of Modern City Architecture.

AMTT: focus on modernization and energy saving

Evgenii Tovstenko, director of Suchasna Architektura Mista (AMTT Group specializing in aluminum constructions, facade, window and door systems), is sure that domestic players, whose products meet all quality standards, can significantly strengthen market positions but significantly reduce developer costs during the construction phase without losing the important characteristics of materials.

What is the position of AMTT Group in the facade production market?

Our company has been in the market for over 20 years. We provide a full range of services in the implementation of the facade project: starting from the design itself, we perform a full cycle of works on the production of facade systems and provide installation services.

Own production includes a closed cycle of manufacturing suspended ventilated facades and translucent fence structures, namely: extrusion of aluminum profile; powder coating; production of PVC and TES structures; production of glass units and glass products; production of AMTT Discovery facade systems; production of ceiling systems.

We adhere to European quality standards; therefore, our positions can be safely called one of the leading facade productions in the Ukrainian market.

How successful was 2018 for AMTT Group?

The year began with a slight stagnation in sales, which was largely due to weather conditions, which did not contribute to either glazing of the secondary housing or the facade work on new projects. By the second quarter the situation stabilized. Analyzing the final indicators, it is possible to say safely that, in general, there was a positive sales dynamic.

The AMTT portfolio includes large real estate projects, and among the customers are well-known developers.

Right. AMTT Group is the main contractor and supplier for large construction facilities, among which are the Kiev residential complexes, such as Novopecherski Lypky, Boulevard of Fountains, Novopecherski Quarter No. 5, Signature, Zarechny, Vozdukhoflotsky Quarter and others. We are always interested in new projects and strong long-term relationships with large real estate developers. At the moment we are cooperating with such developers as City One Development, bUd development, Wing Development, KAN Development and many others.

Do you observe changes in requirements of developers for facade products?

The modern customer has become more demanding, therefore, the architectural forms of facilities become more complex, the use of structural glazing is increasing. Energy prices are inexorably rising, and therefore energy efficiency has become a priority in the choice of material, while the cost has faded into the background. The main characteristics for the customer are such product characteristics as heat saving, noise insulation, light-transmitting and ventilation properties, multi-functionality in general, as well as durability. A reliable producer/supplier plays an important role in the construction of an object, but the main emphasis is still on the quality of structures and materials.

Today, innovation is one of the main conditions for the competitiveness of any business. What innovations does your company offer?

The developer is always interested in something new: less costly but at the same time more efficient and original solutions that allow you to create a product that is different from its competitors. We are the only ones in Ukraine who provide the customer with a full range of services: design, production and installation in full. Therefore, our company itself is an innovation in the domestic market.

What will AMTT focus on in the near future?

We will focus on energy saving in all fields of production. For the consumer, the price goes into the background, and product quality becomes a priority: the higher its energy-saving properties, the lower the cost of maintaining the premises. In addition, the demand for standard-class products has increased recently, rather than economy, as it was several years ago. Due to changing needs, we will expand capacity for manufacturing premium segment products.

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