Kon-Ren NGO is established. The plant in Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district is opened
1996 YEAR
1996-1998 YEARS
The line for the manufacture of suspended ventilated facade (SVF) systems is established
Kon-Ren is an exclusive representative of Hunter Dauglas (Holland). Production of aluminum rack facade systems is established
2000 YEAR
2003 — 2005 YEARS
Production of suspended GRILIATO ceilings is established
Development and patenting of fastening AMTT discovery system for suspended ventilated facades (SVF)
2006 — 2007 YEAR
2008 -2009 YEARS
An automated line for the production of PVC structures is established. An automated line for the production of glass units is installed
Production of aluminum profiles of AMTT TM and profile lamination are established. Automated glass processing lines are established
2010 – 2012 YEARS
2013 — 2014 YEARS
Automated powder coating lines, longitudinal and transverse dissolution lines are established
New aluminum profile extrusion workshop is opened
2016 YEAR